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Video Boards & LED Message Centers in Memphis, TN

One valuable tool for businesses is video boards. This is one of the most eye-catching ways to instantly share relevant information with customers. You can use them as an electronic messages center, boosting your business without saying a word.

In today’s fast-paced digital era, businesses are looking for ways to capture the attention of their target audience. Are you seeking to display advertisements, product information, promotional messages, or anything relevant to a shop and its services or products? Electronic signage boards are for you. 

How an Electronic Signage Board Works

Digital signage uses digital screens to display videos, images, and animations. The content is controlled by software, which allows scheduling and remote updates. The digital screens used are LED and LCD displays in different sizes and resolutions. Content is played through media players that are connected to the digital screens. The media players are responsible for decoding and displaying content.

Effects of Electronic Signage on the Environment

The development of electronic signage has impacted the environment by reducing the number of printed signs. This has, in turn, reduced the amount of garbage produced and deforestation. Electronic signs are more environmentally sensitive. Switching from print to digital signage has dramatically reduced chemical consumption and pollution.

The Advantages of Using Video Boards

There are quite a few advantages to using video boards. Not only are they effective for just about any business, but they are also often used in stadiums and on school campuses.

Many stadiums use these electronic message centers to convey the score during every game played. A video board can be used to inform school students and faculty about an upcoming event or even a holiday that affects the school’s schedule.

On a long-term basis, video boards can help your business save money on advertising. You can swap out the ads whenever you need to without incurring any additional expenses.

Other benefits include an enhanced ability to grab the attention of your customers. Studies have shown that customers are more likely to remember a message they saw on an electronic message board. A large LED screen is much more likely to engage customers than other forms of communication, especially if the board is interactive. By making a lasting impression on customers, the cost of using these boards more than pays for itself.

The Best Way to Obtain a Quality Electronic Message Board

When you have decided that your Memphis, TN, or Mid-South business needs an electronic message board, call on Williams Sign Company. Not only will our experts help you choose just the right message board, we will come to your business to install it and provide periodic maintenance. We will stick with you to make sure that it is working correctly and that you are able to successfully use it. Call today!

Get Your Sign Out There

Electronic signage boards can help any business to reach its target audience. They are affordable and easy to operate. Get one today from Williams Sign Company, and boost your business’s sales whether you are in Tennessee, Mississippi, or Arkansas.