Commercial Signs Custom Made for Your Business in Southaven, MS  

As a business owner, you know that having a high-quality sign is one of the most important parts of creating a brand. While other aspects of your business are equally important— central location, effective marketing, secure network—a professionally crafted sign raises brand awareness and catches the eye of passersby. Luckily, we’re here for all your custom made business sign needs in Southaven, MS, DeSoto County, and the Mid-South area.

Carved Signs

Custom carved signs are a personable design that give classical elegance to your business. We make carved signs in any shape, font, and size that grabs the eye of those passing by. Apart from their visual appeal, carved signs last a long time and are resistant to insects and rotting.

Illuminated or Neon Signs

Illuminated and neon signs are great for your business, especially after hours and during the time of year when the days are short and the nights are long. Without an illuminated or neon sign, your customers may have a difficult time finding you in the dark or even have difficulty in determining if you’re open.

Electronic Message Center Signs

Light the sky with a digital sign that boldly shows your location. Digital video boards are the latest rave in commercial business signage. They are adaptable, bright, and noticeable from miles away. We are the top regional expert on signs and have the technical skills to create the Electronic Message Center your business needs. 

Letter Signs

Letter signs come as channel letters and reverse channel letters. Channel letters come in illuminated and non-illuminated options. The illuminated channel letters are internally lit, while reverse channel letters are illuminated from the back to create a softer glow.

Storefront Signs

Whatever type of store sign you need, whether commercial signs, promotional signs, custom banners, or other exterior signs, we’re the sign company for you. Your sign options range from painted glass signs on the windows of your business, awning storefront signs, or any sign type imaginable.

Your Sign Solutions

Whether it’s sign-making, replacement, or repairs and maintenance, we have the custom solutions you need. 

Not only do we install signage after we finish the design, but we’ll also ensure it retains the perfect look with regular maintenance. Time and weather fade, crack, and damage signs, and it only makes sense that you want your sign looking its best. After all, it’s one of the first things that many people notice about your business. 

It wouldn’t do to have them see something that detracts instead of enhances the appearance of your business. Whatever your needs, we deliver the best-customized signs for indoor and outdoor use—guaranteed. 

If you’re ready to receive excellent service and the largest selection of premium quality signage from one of the best sign-making companies in the Mid-South, contact us today!